1 Marketing Strategy Which Generated $150,000 in 3 Weeks [Video]

Recently a business owner approached us for help to fill an auditorium for his upcoming event.

Our biggest challenge was the short time-frame we had to generate leads from targeted prospects.

We accepted the challenge and created a multi-step sales funnel using a combination of advertising, video content, a downloadable report and an email follow-up sequence.

The strategy generated $150,000 in just 3 weeks, with an ad spend of just over $20,000.

A return of $7.50 for every dollar invested.

In this video I reveal how each step of this funnel works, plus I share 2 other funnels, so click play and if you want me to send you all 10 of our best funnels leave a comment below and I’ll send you all 10 on messenger.

Also if you haven’t seen my video -> Why Marketing Campaigns Fail you can watch it here.

Or How Fast Can Your Business Afford To Grow.

And if you would like to explore working with me watch this video.


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