About Your Life Next Year

As another year comes to a close, it’s the perfect time to reflect.


Upon all those things that we’ve done and accomplished, amongst those that we regret.


With up’s and down’s that we all can’t avoid, in this magic game of life.


We move now into a brand new year, wishing for more love and less strife.


Because you see, we get what we focus, it’s not just live for the bonus.


It’s imperative to remember that life is short, and doing less than you love should put you in high court.


In the land downunder opportunity is abound, for the person who stands up and wants to be crowned.


Crowned not that of royalty and worms, but of the freedom to live life on your own terms.


The choice is yours to stay put and be haunted, by the unkept promises and drought.


Or to take a leap forward and learn what it is, that you’re currently living without.


We don’t know, what we don’t know, but someone else does.


They can clear our eyes from all of the fuzz.


They can show us the way to riches and wealth, but it’s our duty to expand our minds and health.


As good as it is to be rich and high skilled, here’s the kicker…


…We’re nothing without being fulfilled.


So make the New Year one of the best, by raising your game and becoming obsessed.


Obsessed not of things or even of money, but of the outcome you want all coated in honey.


You see it’s not the car, or bracelet, or suit, it’s the feeling these give that satisfy to boot.


Now go forth pouring your attention on what matters, and the universe will conspire to provide on gold platters.


Live to the max and have an amazing year ahead!

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