How to Increase Net Profit On Marketing By 225% Without Spending Any More On Advertising

When marketing online, it’s easy to get caught up measuring website traffic, blog post shares, LinkedIn comment posts, Facebook Likes and YouTube video views, when what really matters is maximising your Return On Investment (ROI).

The fastest way to doubling your online ROI is by improving your conversion rate. Depending on your online marketing objectives, this can be achieved through increasing the number of sign-ups to a trial offer, upsells from a free trial or purchases made on your online store.

Many marketers try to overcomplicate online marketing efforts by getting caught up in a frenzy of activities which don’t impact the ROI in any way.  Very often all that’s required to double your online ROI is just a few micro tweaks which can be easily accomplished.

Here are just a few of the many Micro Tweaks which can easily double your Online ROI.

Increasing the Quality of a Lead Through Accurate Targeting

The internet gives users the comfort of anonymity in conducting research to help them make a purchase decision. Visitors who click on an ad and opt-in to receive online newsletters or free-reports could be considered as targeted leads. However, many may be purely after information and have no immediate need buy your products or services.

One of the ways to improve lead quality is through targeted advertising, where ads are directed to a specific audience based on their attributes such as demographics, psychographics and purchase behaviour.

Example: Behavioural Targeting improves click through rate by 149%

An IT company looking for candidates to fill engineers and designers roles in New Delhi was able to increase job applications from their own website by running a behavioural targeting campaign aimed at candidates from India by displaying a tiny blurb, We’re Hiring in Delhi at the right side of their banner.

To test the effectiveness, the company ran a test where half the visitors from India were shown a page without the blurb and the rest were shown a page with the blurb.

The  Result:  For visitors who saw the page without the blurb, the click through rate was 9.17%. With the blurb, the click through rate increased to 22.86%.

O overall, there was an increase of 149% in click through rate to the Careers page.

Increasing Conversions by Split-Testing Ads

Most businesses realise the futility of depending on free traffic to a website to generate enquiries and sales. Online advertising is now an important component of marketing campaigns.

To avoid wasteful expenditure and increase ROI, it’s important to test how well the ads convert.

Pay-per-click ads are easy to test. Just like a doctor using a process of elimination to determine a patient’s food allergy, it’s best to test only one element of the ad at a time.

Example: Cost Per Lead Reduced By $4 for Live Workshop

Build a Better Business ran two ads to attract attendees to a business building workshop.

Both ads were run simultaneously to identical target audiences.

The Result: The ad on the right converted at $4 less per lead. This resulted in a significant impact on the ROI for Build a Better Business.

Building Trust Through Appropriate Images

It’s often said, “An image is worth a thousand words”. Nothing can be truer in online marketing. Pay careful attention to the choice of images, whether it’s on a Home Page, Landing Page and even a Check Out page.

Example: Change of image change increases registrations by 38.4% for driving academy

A Driving Academy who were using a stock photo on their registration page, switched to actual photographs of their trucks which added a huge trust component.


The Result: Registrations increased by 38.4% by replacing the stock photo with a photo of the company truck shown on the right.

Captivating Readers through Attention-Grabbing Headlines

The headline on a landing page or advertisement is one of the most important elements. It’s what a viewer looks at before anything else. You have 10 to 20 seconds to attract the attention of a viewer or they’re gone forever.

If the headline is not compelling enough, it’s very unlikely a visitor will view the rest of the content.

Example: A one word change which resulted in a 89.97% improvement over the previous headline.

Movexa is a supplement for joint-support made by Vitamin Boat Corp.

The hypothesis for this test was that by adding just one word “supplement” the message of the landing page would be clear and conversions would improve.

The Result: By adding the word “supplement” to the original headline, conversions increased by 89.97%

The key takeaway is, headlines need to be written so they catch the attention of the viewer immediately. Headlines should be written in a way that leaves no doubt in the minds of the reader, what the rest of the ad or content is about.

Headlines also need to address the pain points of the target audience. A mistake many companies make is to focus on.

Getting Viewers to Taking Action Through Compelling Copy

The purpose of a headline is to get a viewer consume the rest of the content. Emotionally charged copy stirs the viewers emotions and compels them to take action.

Very often marketers succumb to the temptation of focusing on product features in the ad copy instead of benefits.

EXAMPLE: Achieving a surge in conversions through a copy revision.

AwayFind is a web and mobile service that notified its customers of important,

timely emails. The company tested copy on its landing pages to see if would increase conversions.

The headline in the original page was Checking email every 5 minutes? Stop!

Let us find your urgent messages.

The company then added a few extra lines of copy, as follows:

Get AWAY from your inbox – let urgent emails cut through the clutter and FIND you…instantly.

Here are screenshots of the Home Page before and after the change.

The Result:  A 42% increase in viewers clicking on the Try it Free button on the Home Page and a 91% increase in prospects completing the setup process.

How Adding Video to a Landing Page Increased Conversions is dedicated to helping people grow organic food for self-sustenance. A landing page was designed to sell a DVD set which taught people how to grow healthy food in their backyard.

After several unsuccessful attempts at increasing the customer base and experimenting with advertising campaigns, traffic was directed to the landing page with the copy written to make a persuasive sales offer. The copy was accompanied by the owner’s photograph.

A split test was conducted to see if a featured video which replaced the image would increase engagement.

Here’s what the ‘about me’ section looked like in the control page:

Note: Adding a video to a landing page may not always work. There are instances when an image has outperformed a video in getting conversions to a landing page.

Reversing the Risk With a No-Brainer Guarantee

One of the barriers to selling online is an element of doubt and uncertainty among prospects about whether your products or services will actually help in solving a problem they may be facing.

30 or 60 Day Money Back Guarantees are the most common and give prospects the confidence they have nothing to lose if their expectations aren’t met.

EXAMPLE: Online sales of educational provider increased by 32.57% by offering a guarantee.

Quran Academy offers interactive courses on Islam for a $10 monthly plan or  $99 annually.  

The original sign-up page ran for 11 days, before a money-back guarantee symbol was introduced.

The Result: Using the Guarantee UnderstandQuran increased sales by 32.57%.

These are just a few tweaks which can help you double your Online ROI. In the next blog post, you can read about more micro tweaks to help you generate online sales. The challenge you may be facing is identifying exactly what micro tweaks you need to make in your online marketing channels.

A good start is to review your online marketing strategy and examine each element of your marketing funnel to see what changes are most likely to give you the best results. Then it’s just a matter of testing the changes you make until you notice a significant increase in conversions at which stage incremental increases will result in an exponential increase in sales.

If you found this information useful and would like to explore how you could increase the results from your marketing, please free to contact me and together we’ll explore the most appropriate approach to help you achieve your online sales targets.



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