The Waterslide and The Turning Point

Over the years I have noticed (as you probably have) that nearly every single person that seems to “have it all” has something in common.


This thing is NOT that they are better looking, have a high IQ, were born into money and they are not even notably talented.


The thing that nearly every single person that “has it all” or successfully achieves great change in anything has in common is, they all have a turning point. A catalyst. An Impetus…


It doesn’t matter who you read up on. Millionaires, Billionaires, Movie Stars or the Aussie Battler.


Usually the turning point is a huge negative event, like losing someone close or hitting financial ruin that spurs change deep inside and propels them towards a better quality of life.


And here lays the problem…


Every single person has ability to make their life anything they want and change their trajectory instantly, but we don’t.




Because we get complacent after seeing others “seeming” get everything they want “easily” and we think it should be the same for us too.


We hope that something will fall in our lap or we will “get lucky”.


OR maybe we do try really hard, but keep falling down because something deep inside is not quite right. Not aligned. And so we find ways to (consciously or unconsciously) ensure we stuff it up, so we can keep the dream alive and keep striving. Keep struggling.


This feels something like trying to walk up a waterslide. It’s starts off okay, then as you get further up it becomes harder and we slide back or fall.


Here’s the thing – when you think about it logically there really is no reason why you can’t create positive change, without waiting for the huge negative event to happen and without feeling like you are trying to walk up a waterslide.


But how?


Sure we need some guidance from time to time and the environment is paramount, but there are people that dedicate their lives to doing this.


Take my friends Ben and Cham from Authentic Education for example. They have an event designed specifically to help people get more out of life, or that are just not sure which direction to go in.


Funnily enough the event is called The Turing Point and at the time of writing it’s still a free event.


You only have to look at all the raving reviews they get, to see they are the real deal in helping average folks do extraordinary things.


Check it out and see if it’s your thing, but if you don’t, just get out there, get clear on what on what you want and go for it.


Don’t wait for that close someone to pass away. Because some day it will be you…

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  Samuel Junghenn  /    August 12, 2014  /   Mindset  /   0 Comments

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