Why Cheap Is The Most Expensive Option

It always amuses me how just how many people get price and value mixed up…
They think cheap is equal to value and automatically go for the option with the lowest price tag, when the truth there is NO CORRELATION BETWEEN PRICE AND VALUE.
Take a look at this picture. Which is more expensive?…
The one I love to hate the most, is when people say I am too expensive and decide to go with a cheaper marketer.
They come back within 6 months pleading to help them because the found out the “cheap” option is actually far more expensive than doing it properly in the first place.
So now they have lost a stack of cash that could have been providing an ROI and on top of that they have lost 6 months of their life they will NEVER get back.
Donald Trump, Richard Branson or Warren Buffet are NEVER looking for the cheapest option.
They are always looking for the option that will provide the most likely ROI and value for money.
If you buy a marketing campaign from someone for $100 and it doesn’t work that is stupidity.cheaper
If you have to invest $100,000 to do it properly and it returns a profit every month on top of that then it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE.
So next time you are going to buy anything and find your self comparing price, slap yourself and look at the value first before looking at the ticket.
MORE IMPORTANTLY – next time you are going to sell something, ask yourself am I selling the price, or am I selling the VALUE.
It will change your life and business, so go forth and conquer.

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  Samuel Junghenn  /    April 27, 2015  /   Internet Marketing Entrepreneur  /   0 Comments

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