Why Marketing Campaigns Fail [Video]

A common complaint I hear from many business owners is that the money they invest in Google Adwords, Facebook® Ads, Youtube, Etc isn’t generating the results they expected.

The truth is, it’s not the media which is to blame for poor results. The fault lies in using a one-size-fits-all marketing model which focuses more on tactics than strategy.

You can tell when someone is doomed to fail because they say things like “ I heard Facebook® is cheap to advertise on” Or “I heard Google Ads don’t work.”

Well, Google made around 70 Billion dollars last year from advertising revenue, so the medium works, but you have to work the medium and this is where most businesses drop the ball.

If I said to you, here is a lawn mower please go make me a smoothy, do you think we would achieve our goal easily?

What’s important is to understand that your ideal prospects are in different stages of their purchase cycle. Not everyone is ready to buy from you straightaway and not every platform is right for your business at all times.

So how do you target prospects in different stages of the buying cycle, so they eventually make a purchase?

In which order do you target them?

These and other questions are what I reveal in this video with my ACEP formula.

Once you understand the ACEP formula, you’ll be able to focus on strategies which are best for your business and how you can apply it to grow your business fast.

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