Why would you be Realistic?

Every artist has it…

Every athlete has it…

Every world leader has it…

And every single entrepreneur has it…


Even just for a split second…


That little voice in our head. That moment of doubt. That feeling of “it’s not possible”.


But there is a big difference between those that have (what Will Smith calls “God like features”) and those that give up on their dreams.

I believe it comes down to what I call “The Gap”, the gap in time where we allow ourselves to indulge in these shitty, non-productive, energy robbing thoughts.


The difference between the elite athlete and the amateur is not that one can run faster or further. It’s not that one has better tools (shoes, training area, equipment) at his or her disposal.


It’s that the elite athlete closes “The Gap” continually. They work on pushing out the garbage that sneaks in, faster and faster until that gap becomes an instant reaction of another belief…


…Another belief that supports you on your journey, instead of sabotaging your success.


Many people know of the story about Roger Banister and the 4-minute mile. John Landy the favorite at the time, tried to break the 4-minute mile and after trying 7 times and getting to 4 minutes and 1 second, he publicly declared that he couldn’t do it.


He gave up. He gave up, only to have Roger Banister break the 4 minute mile soon after. Two months later John Landy broke the 4 minute mile with a bunch of others following in his foot steps (excuse the pun ;)) immediately after.


What was the difference?


The belief in possibility.


Some like to protect themselves by saying “that’s not realistic”, but what if that belief something could be “unrealistic” was stopping them from having everything they want in life?


So before you watch my favorite video of all time that sums up success perfectly, ask yourself “What is it that I believe is not possible in my business today?”


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  Samuel Junghenn  /    October 15, 2013  /   Mindset  /   3 Comments
  • October 16, 2013 at 12:56 am / Reply

    Samuel, thanks for that post, it made my day.

  • October 16, 2013 at 4:51 am / Reply

    What a great post. Thank you Samuel for this awesome and inspiring post. i’m totally unrealistic. 😉

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